Takacat T300S



The Takacat 300 S is the most advanced, high performance, light weight, compact and portable inflatable boat on the market. Comes with an open and fully removable tube transom.

  • Overall Length: 9'-10"
  • Weight: 68 lb.
  • Catamaran Hull Design
  • Stainless Tube Transom®
  • Ultra-Portable
  • Stable and fast inflatable catamaran design
  • Tube Transom® is removable for small pack-away
  • Industry best Takacat catamaran after-sales support
  • Easy, inexpensive re-tubing
  • Integrated Takacat accessories, like the quick release wheel mounts
  • Rows easily

Custom colors available upon request, call for details. All custom colors and materials require additional manufacturing and shipping times.

Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S
Takacat T300S

Get Your Motor Running

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Finding the outboard that’s right for you depends on how you plan to use your boat. While there are merits to a traditional gas-powered motor, ePropulsion electric outboards, like the Torqeedo Travel 1103, offer performance advantages along with sustainability.

Get the power and performance you need to get to the best spots with a cleaner and quieter ride. Without the noise of a motor, you can enjoy all the sounds of the great outdoors.

Explore the Torqeedo Travel 1103 to learn more about the benefits of electric motors and find the best fit for your boating life.


Gear Up for the Good Life.

Having the right gear is essential to great days on the water. Whether that means a day spent waterfowling deep in flooded timber or a lazy day on the lake near your yurt campsite, don’t be left without the right equipment to keep it all fun and no hassle.


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Recommended Accessories for the T300LX

Grab some new gear and hit the water. We’ve hand-selected a collection of the best accessories to complement your Takacat T300LX.

Torqueedo Travel Bags Product

Torqeedo Outboard and Battery Travel Bags

Securely packed and stowed away, the bags for your Travel motor (including tiller and accessories) and spare battery are indispensable companions when traveling to the water.

Takacat Rod Holders Product

Takacat Rod Holders

Set of two (2) quick release rod holders for Takacat inflatable catamarans. A quick and simple rod holder system makes transporting fishing rods easy.

Takacat Wheels Product

Takacat Wheels

Get your inflatable boat to and from the water with minimal effort. A simple clip on and off system that doesn't affect the pack down size or weight of your inflatable tender.

Takacat Cover Product

Takacat Boat Cover

Boat covers protect your Takacat catamaran from the harsh sun and other damaging environmental factors while not in use und thus and increase the life span of your boat.