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At Kiki Catamarans, we believe the boating life should be accessible to everyone.

Experiencing the outdoors from the water opens up a whole new world for exploration. Whether you enjoy leisurely lake cruising in the summer sun, waterfowling on a crisp fall morning, or an early morning fishing trip, outdoor water adventure is a unique experience that can be shared by all.

We’re proud to offer a collection of boats and boat gear that make it easy to get out there, without the need for expensive storage or the hassle of hauling. And we’re committed to continue providing our customers with practical and conscientious products that meet our standards for high-quality and responsible construction.

Kiki Catamarans is the exclusive Takacat dealer for Colorado and Alaska, offering some of the most innovative inflatable boats on the market.

Colorado Mountains Image
Colorado Mountains Image

Our Story

Kiki Catamarans began because I was looking for a way to have family time on a budget while enjoying nature. I am a single father who lost my wife during childbirth in September of 2018. The baby survived the birth despite being born three months early at just 1 lb. 5 oz. Baby Jessica had to be constantly monitored and given oxygen for her first year of life. Naturally, now I want to keep my girls with me as much as possible.

Now Jessica is over 2 years old and her sister is 8. They both love the water whether we’re boating or swimming. I started looking for a way to enjoy that without having to buy a truck, trailer, or storage. I found Takacat and was very impressed with the revolutionary design that allowed such a large inflatable to be packed up and easily carried or stored.

I spoke with some of the current Takacat Dealers and found out what I had to do to bring such a great product to Colorado and Alaska. Kiki Catamarans became a dealership in July of 2020, and the hardest part has been keeping the boats in stock.

— Keith “Kiki” Edmonds

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Complete Your Setup with Accessories.

Accessories can expand the capabilities of Takacat even further. Customize your setup with unique add-ons to suit your use.


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Experience Awesome in Person.

Nothing compares to experiencing Takacat on the water. Set up a demo today to get a real feel for all Takacat has to offer.