Why Should I Pick a Takacat Over a Conventional Inflatable?

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Why Should I Pick a Takacat Over a Conventional Inflatable?

Determining what boat or inflatable is best for you while exploring the waters may be a bit of a challenge when you simply want a memorable experience. However, a Takacat is the best choice you can make, and we are happy to share our reasons!

On any body of water, a Takacat boat is a foldable, durable, stable, and enjoyable option. A Takacat boat's best qualities are its stability, versatility, and its lighter weight compared to the alternatives. The innovative and fully-removable tube transom system of the Takacat allows the inflatable tenders to be rolled up and stored in a handy carry bag.

Greg Sowden designed and developed an innovative line of high-quality inflatable catamaran boats in New Zealand. Takacat is the best choice for you if you enjoy exploring, fishing, or are simply looking for a high-quality portable tender for your yacht or motor home.

More Reasons Why You Should Pick a Takacat

Check out these amazing features found in a Takacat that make it a much better choice when compared to conventional inflatables:

  • Takacat's revolutionary new fully removable open Tube-Transom design® allows the inflatable to be deflated and rolled up smaller, lighter, and easier than the other conventional inflatable boats. These are significant advantages that make it easier, more affordable, and more effective to transport or store your Takacat.
  • The raised floor and open transom help to keep the water out and the Takacat's floor dry.
  • The shallow draft is a huge advantage if you have a criss-cross in shallow water, as it allows you to go further upwards onto the ramp or beach before the boat’s hull gets settled to the ground.
  • Takacat's unique on and off bow is designed for added convenience and safety.
  • Under-tube protection is tough (heavy duty).
  • Ideal for foldable inflatables, this single seam design joint is created by a chemical bonding gluing system.
  • Two release valves for air pressure.
  • Over a single tube seam, an additional reinforcing and protective layer are applied. On each tube, it creates a parallelogram.
  • A two-layer side rail tape with the second-layer creates 1.8mm walls and increases air tightness.
  • Built in accordance with International Standard ISO/6185.
  • Takacats are ideal for caravans, RV motorhomes, and the tender market.
  • Because of the removable transom, they occupy less space, are less bulky and weigh approximately 7kg less when packed away.
  • This fully open transom design does not have the ability to hold water on board, which is a significant advantage when being towed or used in a variety of conditions.


The Takacat is stable and spacious. The inflatable catamaran is extremely stable and can accommodate stretchers and equipment. The air-deck-floor system inflates to 10 psi before being heat pressed and high-pressure laminated to the top layer. It creates a hard and solid surface for crew and gear to work and stand on.

For maximum traction, the surface of the deck has a specific non-skid coating. A boat that is completely open gives you more space to work.


The Takacat is durable! Takacat's construction and materials are tough and innovative, making it up to the task. It is puncture and abrasion-resistant. The hul's single-seam construction reduces the risk of destruction at weak points, and the seam's gluing system is bonded by chemicals to re-enforce protection against fragility associated with seams that are welded.

Takacat can be kept for extended periods while remaining ready to use when needed. If re-tubing is required, simply order and assemble new tubes as usual. There is no need for a repair that can be expensive and time-consuming. Takacat also provides specifications that make for increased abrasion resistance and extreme weather resistance.

Easy to Use

The Takacat has an electric inflator that functions automatically. With the fast electric pump, you'll be on the water in no time. Depending on the size of the Takacat, boat inflation takes 4-5 minutes.

Purchase Your Takacat Inflatable from the Best in Town!

When trying to purchase a boat for your fishing, swimming, or any form of water-exploring experience, you want to go to the most knowledgeable and affordable source. At Kiki Catamarans, we provide you with the best Takacat boats and inflatables, including all their models and series! This will enhance your outdoor experience in Colorado and Alaska. We are eager to help you so call us today!
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