Who makes the best rigid inflatable boats?

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Who makes the best rigid inflatable boats?

When it comes to outdoor adventure options, you can’t go wrong with a Takacat inflatable boat. With an extremely durable yet versatile design, Takacat boats work for any lifestyle and experience level. Due to its compact storage system, this portable boating option can be transported virtually anywhere. Learn more about what makes Takacat the best rigid inflatable boat so you can get started on your epic outdoor adventure today.

Takacat inflatable boat features

With a truly innovative design, Takacat boats lead the way when it comes to inflatable boating options. Each area of the Takacat, from bow to stern, features a quality design model with durable materials that will keep users safe during every excursion. We’ve outlined the best modern features of Takacat boats below.

Best top boat features

This inflatable boat model has a raised floor bed and open transom, allowing water to easily flow out of the boat. This keeps the deck dry during outings and allows for ease of cleanup and storage. Takacat users remain safe, no matter their age. The top of the boat has extra handholds, as well as a rigid bed, for users to keep their footing and stability while onboard. Set-up and take-down are extremely efficient due to the specialized fill valve and release valves. 

Best side boat features

The aerodynamic design keeps Takacat inflatable boats steady, even through rough waters. You’ll also never lose an oar with the strong Velcro oarlock straps on each side of the boat keeping them in place. Unlike other models, Takacats feature a single-seam hull design. This keeps the boat completely airtight, even after years of use. You can customize your vessel further with inflatable boat accessories like fishing rod holders or a remote throttle.

Best bottom boat features

Takacats can withstand even the roughest of use. The bottom of the boat is reinforced with durable rubber that helps mitigate damage. Feel free to navigate shallow water, coral reefs, or rocky areas, since the shallow hull draft keeps the boat from dragging. 

Other top-of-the line benefits

Takacats are completely portable. Any Takacat boat can be easily folded into two carrying bags. Compared to other inflatable boat models, Takacats are lighter and more compact. Easily store them in the trunk for a weekend trip or as checked baggage for longer travel. 

Takacats perform better than other inflatable boats. Don’t let their lightweight design fool you. These boats are made for extreme conditions so you can maneuver easily through rough waters. Because of their low resistance, Takacats are also faster than many other models. 

Takacats are completely customizable. Ever wanted to personalize your vessel? With Takacats, you can order custom designs and colors. Go bold with a fun design or keep it low-key with a sleek grey or black. You can even add a logo or other design to make your boat your own. 

There’s no better time to try a Takacat inflatable boat. Take your outdoor adventure to the next level by contacting KiKi Catamaran for your custom inflatable boat accessories.

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