What is a Takacat Inflatable Boat

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What is a Takacat Inflatable Boat

The Takacat is a type of inflatable catamaran boat perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Originally developed in New Zealand, the Takacat is a premier catamaran design that is lightweight and portable. It features a removable tubing system that allows for quick and easy setup and breakdown. You can even add and remove accessories to customize it to your needs.

Because of its durable design, the Takacat makes for a versatile choice for outdoor activities. You can take it anywhere - from fishing trips and outdoor adventures to relaxing in the sounds of nature. Learn more about Takacat inflatable boats and how you can enjoy the great outdoors in this catamaran.

The Perfect Outdoor Adventure Item

Takacat inflatable boats make preparing for your trip stress free. They are easily transportable because of their functional design. Simply connect the custom PVC framing tubes to set up your catamaran when needed. The removable tubes are extremely durable, but are cost-effective if replacing is needed.

You can enjoy fishing, exploration, or relaxation on your Takacat catamaran. Sailboating is even possible in this versatile, inflatable vessel. Detachable motors can even be added for more speed out on the water. Whatever you use it for, the Takacat is sure to provide stability and durability for years to come.

Other Takacat Features

The Takacat design has been tested against sun, rain, wind, and turbulent waters. This boat is always up for a challenge! Unlike other inflatable dinghies, the Takacat features optimal handling and steering. Each seam is covered with extra safety layers to avoid holes and tears in the lining. The boat is also protected by anti-UV ray and anti-skid technology. This makes it the best choice for outdoor use, especially in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

If you are an outdoor adventurer, the Takacat is designed with you in mind. It includes everything you’ll need to get started on your fishing trip or backcountry exploration. This is to ensure the safety of you and anyone you bring on your trips.

In your catamaran kit, you’ll find:

  • Manual Pump
  • Gauge
  • Repair Kit
  • Oars
  • Rowlocks
  • Two complimentary carry bags

However, you can also add on even more accessories to your Takacat inflatable boat. Extra rod holders for fishing poles, higher-powered batteries and motors, and a throttle with GPS-speed calculation are just the beginning when it comes to customization. Contact your local Takacat supplier for more ways to outfit your boat.

Making the Outdoors Accessible

Owning a Takacat makes outdoor fun even more accessible. The versatile design allows you to take this boat anywhere. Whether you’re exploring the wild backcountry of Colorado or floating leisurely on the river, the Takacat can take you there. With easy set up and storage, you can even save money on transportation.

Best of all, the Takacat is made to last. Contact KiKi Catamarans for more information on this practical boating option. Our professional staff is dedicated to meeting your standards for accessible, high-quality Takacat boats and accessories.

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