How to Pick the Right Paddleboard for a Beginner

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How to Pick the Right Paddleboard for a Beginner

Making the choice for the best paddleboard for a beginner is simpler than you think. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a rapidly growing water activity that can be done on almost any calm waters! Furthermore, stand up paddleboarding is simple to learn, so most everyone can enjoy a paddleboard ride on the calm waters and commune with nature at your own pace.

Why You Want to Select the Best Paddleboard

The type and shape of the paddleboard that you select should be guided by your interests and intentions. This will direct you towards the proper materials. Consider the activities you intend to engage in on the water: fishing, sightseeing, exercising, etc. Do you intend to paddle for a workout or would you rather float along on slow-moving, calm water and enjoy nature? Do you want to participate in races or do you intend to have your yoga practice held outside of the studio and on the water instead?

After you've determined how you intend to enjoy your stand up paddleboard, you can research which paddleboard is the best fit for your needs. If you can't decide, don't worry! We are here to help you choose the right board for a variety of activities. Helping our customers choose the right equipment is our specialty at Kiki Catamarans.

Follow These Guidelines for a Beginner Paddleboard

Know and Learn About the Various Types of Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs)

Choosing a stand up paddleboard based solely on its appearance is not the best way to ensure your fit for your needs. So, we've put together some examples of the most common types of paddleboards: multi-purpose SUPs, touring SUPs, yoga SUPs, and all-around SUPS.

Selecting the Correct SUP Size for You

Several factors influence the size of the paddleboard. The first thought of a beginner is to perfect and maximize stability by selecting a stable board that is most likely wide enough to sustain balance. Keep in mind that you still need to practice your balance and also perfect some fundamentals on paddling at first. Don't be put off by the prospect of falling into the water. It is all part of the adventure! Make sure you can swim at an intermediate level and are strong enough to maneuver yourself back on the paddleboard if you fall in and the water is at your shoulders. This takes practice and technique, and is part of the basics of safety on your paddleboard.

It is also necessary to be maneuverable. Choosing a larger board to ensure you never fall is only available at the expense of speed and turning ability. When we talk about the size and shape of your stand up paddleboard, you must be aware that there is no one size of board that is superior to the other. These are what we call tradeoffs. Each board has features that are right for one purpose but not for another. At Kiki Catamarans, we are here to assist you with these decisions!

The Choice Between Inflatable Paddleboards and Epoxy SUPs

The next consideration for a beginner when purchasing a paddleboard is to go with either an inflatable or an epoxy board. Inflatables (also known as iSUPs) are fantastic for several different reasons. For starters, they are more portable. Because inflatables can be folded up and packed, they can be carried in a board backpack and do not necessarily require a roof rack. It may even be possible for you to fly them as checked baggage. They are also easier to store because they can be packed and don't take up as much room at home.

Epoxy SUPs must be transported on a car rack, but are superior for surfing and racing with your paddleboard. Epoxy boards are more agile in the water and usually have a better glide, which makes them ideal for longer rides and adventures.

Beginner Paddleboard

Kiki Catamarans Will Help You Choose Your Beginner Paddleboard

At Kiki Catamarans, we provide you with the best outboard for your water adventure. In areas like Colorado and Alaska, you can trust us with the responsibility of helping you choose the best boards and boats to help enhance your water experience for your needs. Call us today to choose your best watercraft for your memorable water adventures!
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