How is a Takacat Model Different from an Outboard?

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How is a Takacat Model Different from an Outboard?

If you love to go on adventures on waterways, lakes, oceans, seas, and rivers, then you should know the importance of having a quality inflatable vessel. Using these types of boats, you will get the opportunities to see sights that hard-hulled vessels may not have access.

There are different inflatable watercraft you can choose from if you plan on using a boat. When choosing, you should lookout for a brand that provides versatility and durability, and this is what Takacat provides!

The Takacat was designed and manufactured by Greg Sowden in 2007. It is an innovative inflatable boat that is quite different from most outboard engine vessels. Some of the things that make Takacat stand out include:

  • Versatility: They can be used as a paddle craft for scuba diving, swimming, fishing, and snorkeling.
  • They have an innovative design.
  • They are crafted with premium quality fabrics.

Features of the Takacat that make it different from Outboard

  • Catamaran hull design: Takacat has a very stable hull. It uses a lower HP than other inflatable boats but at a normal speed.
  • Open Bow: It has an open bow that provides easy boarding from the water which is essential when scuba diving or snorkeling.
  • Roll Away Design: Takacat boats can be easily rolled within 15 minutes into two duffel bags or storage and carriage. It has an open transom and removable floor that allows it.
  • Open Transom: It has free flow drainage that prevents it from filling up due to taking on water or filling up from the rain. The transom is removable and can be easily re-tubed.
  • Quick Release Beach Wheels: This feature makes it easy to launch and land your boat without stress.

The different models of Takacat include

  • T260LX: This model is made for 1-3 people and it is great for solo fishing and snorkeling adventures. The T260LX weighs 55 pounds.
  • T300LX: This model can hold up to 4 people for ferrying or 2 people for fishing with enough space for gear! This was the first open bow model. It weighs 66 pounds.
  • T340LX: Can conveniently hold 5 people. It weighs 80 pounds but with added stability and the ability to corner at speed.
  • T380LX: This is the perfect fish boat. It's very portable but can hold 6 people with enough space for gear. It weighs 92 pounds and is perfect for the family!
  • T420LX: It is popularly called Big Bertha. It is perfect as a coastal watercraft. It weighs up to 110 pounds and is about 14' long.

Convenience, Affordability, and Features

The following are some of the accessories on the Takacat inflatable boat.

  • Quick Release Beach Wheels: Once this wheel is deployed, it makes the boat easily launched and retrieved. It also allows an electric outboard engine to be installed in a vertical position to prevent the outboard from touching the ground.
  • Rod Holders: They are perfect for mounting the nighttime all-around navigation light after dusk.
  • UV Boat cover: The boat cover prevents boat damage from exposure to UV rays when it is not practical to deflate your Takacat.
  • Speedy electric pump: This pump can do lower pressure hulls and also high-pressure floors just by turning the dial. When you select the "on" button, the pump inflates the tube and then automatically turns off once the designated pressure is reached.
  • Deluxe speedy electric pump: It does the same job as the speedy electric pump; however, the deluxe speedy electric pump inflates 3x faster. The pump can also do lower pressure hulls and high-pressure floors with the press of a button.

Kiki Catamaran is the Best Vendor to Purchase Your Takacat Inflatable!

To get the best inflatable dinghy for your swimming, fishing, or any form of water-exploring experience, you need to go to a dealer that has knowledge of the best inflatable. At Kiki Catamarans, we are experts in Takacats and are happy to discuss the best model to suit your needs and budget.

We will provide you with the most affordable and best Takacats, including all the latest models and accessories. If you are in Colorado or Alaska, come in and visit our shop! You can also call us to book an appointment or to ask questions. We are eager to serve you!
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