Boating Activities to Enjoy During Your Visit to Colorado or Alaska

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Boating Activities to Enjoy During Your Visit to Colorado or Alaska

As the exclusive Takacat dealer for both Colorado and Alaska, here at Kiki Catamarans we are obviously enthusiastic about the boating opportunities available in both states. With all that natural beauty just waiting to be explored, it’s understandable that it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to start. Below we discuss some of the boating activities you can try in each state, as well as the rules and regulations you’ll need to be aware of in order to enjoy boating activities in Colorado and Alaska.

Boating in Colorado

Colorado is home to a huge number of boatable waters, from rivers to natural lakes to manmade reservoirs. Many of these waters feature ramps to make accessing the water simple, and for those who enjoy fishing, there’s plenty of fishing available as well! To learn more about the boating opportunities near you, you can check out the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Boatable Waters website.

It is also important to know that in order to boat in Colorado, you will need to take a boating education course. This course can be completed online for those who are 16 and older, which is good news for those visiting from out of state. Once you complete the course, you will be provided with a Boater Education Card that you should keep with you at all times.

If your boat is purchased in Colorado, you will also need to register the boat with the state. Of course, if you’re bringing in a boat from out of state, your out of state registration will be valid for up to 60 days.

Boating in Alaska

Home to 365,000 miles of river, 3 million lakes, and nearly 34,000 miles of coastline, there is no shortage of water in Alaska for you to enjoy your Takacat on. However, it is important to do some research before you head out, as Alaska has several regions with wildly varying conditions, some of which require some wilderness survival skills if you’re going to be heading out onto the water.

Alaska does not require a boating license or the completion of a safety course, but the Alaska Boating Safety Program does offer Alaska Water Wise, a free boating course that is highly recommended to help learn navigation rules and boating laws as well as preparation and survival.

If you purchase a boat in Alaska, you will be required to register it with the state. However, if you have a boat that is registered in another state, you can use Alaska’s waterways for up to 90 days on that registration.


So once you have the legalities and location of your boating activities nailed down, what then? From there, you get to choose what sort of boating activity appeals to you. Are you mostly here for the sightseeing? In that case, you may be interested in traversing some of the gorgeous national parks Colorado and Alaska have to offer.

Do you enjoy fishing? If so, you may want to look into fishing licenses and learn more about the best fishing locations in each state. In some cases, some locations even have incentives for catching certain invasive species to help keep the natural balance as it should be.

Alaska is particularly attractive to those who enjoy wildlife spotting. Whether you enjoy looking for birds or whales, there is plenty to see on and around Alaskan waters! If you’re interested in whale watching, be sure to look up where they are each time of year, as well as learning the pertinent safety measures for being around such large, majestic animals.

Boating Activities in Colorado Or Alaska

No matter how you choose to enjoy your time on the water, Kiki Catamarans is here to help ensure you have the best boat to do it in. Our Takacats are fun and reliable, as well as easy to transport, which is a big deal in the mountains of Colorado and the wilds of Alaska. If you have any questions about which Takacat will best serve your Colorado or Alaskan adventures, contact Kiki Catamarans today to speak with our boating experts. We’re ready and waiting to help you find the perfect Takacat to fit your lifestyle, whether that means relaxing on a slow river or navigating the cold Pacific.

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